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“Friday Filosophy” 4/22/2022 (Seeking Challenges)

Posted By: Randy GageApril 21, 2022

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

It’s time again for my weekly missive to you with the subject that I’m thinking about – and believe you might want to think about as well.  Today that matter you may want to ponder is seeking challenges.

The planets and solar system developed stage-by-stage from the Big Bang.  Just as humankind progressed from the natural selection dynamic in evolution.  And just as you developed by the amount of growth you’ve mindfully undertaken or been forced to accept.  The formula is pretty simple: the more challenges you face, the faster and stronger you grow. But if you’re just facing the challenges forced upon you, you’re only growing at the same speed everyone else on the planet is.

If you want to step into your ultimate potential, you have to raise your hand and volunteer for more new and daunting challenges.

We like to think that we can just snap our fingers or change our belief about something, our lives will be miraculously transformed in an instant.  And while momentous changes can sometimes be enacted simply by becoming aware of a problematic belief, habit, or behavior – even in best case scenarios – the real work starts there.

We are overcoming to become... 

Throughout human history, societies have created specific rituals designed to signify ascension to a higher level.  These range from tribal “becoming a man” rituals, achieving a specific belt or sash in martial arts, bat and bar mitzvahs, or the hazing initiations of sororities and fraternities.  While we love these delineation points because we think they provide context, they ignore the most important part of the equation – the never-ending journey toward something higher.  (Higher levels of rank, skill, knowledge, and ideally, wisdom and/or consciousness.)  It’s never an instant revolution, but instead a continuous evolution.

The secret of a prosperous life isn’t achieved by reaching some milestone or destination.  You achieve a prosperous life by dedicating and devoting yourself to a journey of enlightenment, seeking each day to advance closer to the highest possible version of yourself.

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Here's the video of last week's podcast: How Prosperity Saves the World

Thought of the Day: Your destiny is who you decide to become.


- RG

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