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The Victim Whisperer

If you’re like me, you like peace and harmony in your life.  And that means having peace and harmony with the people in your life.  But I discovered something quite ironic… (more…)...

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Bulldog with a Bone

It sure feels good to be a victim.  Or at least we sometimes think it does…  (more…)...

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The Professional Victims

I did a new video for Prosperity TV that should be up soon.  It’s on the topic of limiting negative people in your life.  And while doing it I thought about the professional victims…   (more&he...

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Are You Hanging on to Victim-hood?

In yesterday’s post we asked why anyone would choose to remain a victim.  Now of course to even suggest such a thing to someone usually creates a visceral, negative reaction.  They explain why the...

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Why Would You Choose Being a Victim?

So what does it take to really let go of victim-hood?   I did some prosperity coaching with a lady who has been through childhood abuse, dysfunctional relationships, business failures, health issues...

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