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Better is Better

Humans love shiny new objects.  And most people have a confirmation bias that anything high tech must be superior to what came before it.  But that’s not always true.

It’s a lot easier to tea...

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A Feast for Thought…

At the end of every workweek I email the readers of my Gage on Prosperity newsletter.  (If you’re not a subscriber and you’re not a godless Communist who drowns kittens, you can sign up about hal...

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This Moment in Human History

Happy Monday ya’all.  Happy Freakin’ Monday!

You do realize you’re living in the most exciting time in human history, right?  There has never been a moment so enticing – offering so much ...

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The Moral Challenges of Progress and Technology

There has been lots of publicity lately about the Facebook data breach and similar scenarios on other social media platforms.  The truth is, most of these platforms know more about you and your habit...

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Revenge of the Amish Techno-Geek!

So what a fascinating day yesterday was:  It was a totally technolicious time… (more…)...

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