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What Are Your Emotions Around Money?

(Friday Filosophy 8/12/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Each week I challenge you to think about a certain topic.  This week that topic is your emotions (your relationship really) toward money and ...

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Poverty Is an Illusion

In every era of history (arguably each generation), humankind has thought of itself as at a historic turning point.  Since we have evolved steadily over the centuries, in some sense this belief ...

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You Can’t Coupon Your Way to Prosperity

Prosperity can never be obtained with poverty consciousness; it requires prosperity consciousness. This means you understand prosperity is a value-for-value exchange that benefits both parties, wheth...

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Kill Your Poverty Consciousness

How You Build Wealth, Part 3 of 2 🤣

You didn’t really think I was going to be content with publishing part one and part two in the How You Build Wealth series, and not dig into the 800-p...

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Living in Lack is a Crime Against Humanity

Some people think I’m crazy when I suggest that when we are unhealthy, unhappy, or poor, it is an aberration from our natural state.  But I truly believe this.  When we’re living in lac...

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Hanging onto Victimhood

Last post I wrote about how hard you have to work to remain broke.  A recent natural disaster demonstrated this in a different way. (more…)...

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The Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness Test

Last week I wrote a post about poverty consciousness that caused quite a commotion.  Many people recognized that they had some real issues to address in the area.  Some got very defensive, and claim...

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Poverty Consciousness - The Lie of the Lowest Bid

Yes, part of being prosperous is being prudent with money.  It doesn’t make sense to pay 40 percent more for the same item because it has a certain brand logo on it.  Just don’t confuse being ch...

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