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Show Me the Money!

Let’s go a little deeper on the topic from last week: why be rich.  I stimulate you to create wealth for a few important reasons: (more…)...

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Why Be Rich?

Why be rich?  So how does that question land on you? (more…)...

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What to Teach your Kids about Money

Over the weekend, I was doing an interview with a magazine about creating wealth.  They asked some really great questions.  One in particular stands out and I wanted to share it and my response with...

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Okay it’s been a while since we talked about money.  Probably the biggest mind virus you encounter today about money is that it is not spiritual. (more…)...

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Why You Sabotage

No one likes to believe that suffering is the result of their own mental chaos or that they could be sabotaging their own success.   It’s a lot easier to believe we are random, innocent victims. ...

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Campaign for Evil

How Money is Used for Manipulation and Mind Control… (more…)...

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How You Relate with Money

I wrote a post on my Tumblr blog the other day about relationships. (BTW, you can follow me there at: ) In that post I looked at how you relate to money. (more…...

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The Energy of Money

You never want to affirm negative statements like you “can’t afford” something, or “it’s only money.”  Like everything else, money is energy and can be attracted and repelled. (more&helli...

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