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Making Your Life Matter…

You think you have your life figured out until someone puts a bullet in your gut.  Not that I’m recommending the process, but it certainly worked for me.

Lying in the street in a pool of bl...

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Creating Prosperity in the Moment

You think you have life all figured out, until you take a bullet to the gut and left for dead.  Or at least I did.  (more…)...

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Life is Short

Life is short.  So you can choose two different approaches to deal with this... (more…)...

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Your Messy Life

As I coach people, one thing comes up again and again.  Their lives are messy and it’s driving them nuts.  They’re desperate to get on “the path” – the linear, predictable steady ascent th...

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Really Live Your Life!

One of the things I’m constantly reminding you is that you are not your thoughts – you must be the thinker of those thoughts.  When you are conscious and mindful, you get to experience life in th...

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Is There Life After Death?

We set another record for downloads on the Power Prosperity Podcast last week.  A big reason was the special episode I put out on Saturday.  Since it got such a huge response, let’s continue the d...

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The Illusion You Call Your Life

What you are calling your life, is a completely fabricated illusion.  An illusion created on a minute-by-minute basis, with your perception.  In the last post, we discussed the victim stories you ha...

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Staring Down Death

He was holding the gun at my abdomen, when he finally pulled the trigger.  The shot was loud enough to stun me, hurt my ears, and echo off the building across the street.  I clutched at my gut while...

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