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No Principles, No Philosophy

Well compromise is a good thing right?  I mean all reasonable people compromise now and then. (more…)...

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A Double Dose of Success

Okay you know I don’t participate in those stupid book launches that promise you $1,345,524.75 worth of free premiums if you order on their launch day.  But I absolutely do want to alert you when i...

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More on Selfishness…

One Saturday you're out watering your lawn when a car drives up and you recognize your old friend Eddie at the wheel.  You learn that he has just lost his job, his wife has kicked him out, and he cou...

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How Sick Do You Want Your Health Care to Be?

Jeannie raised the question of socialized health care a couple days ago, and Bones sent me a link to a recent Michael Moore blog on the big three automakers.  (Although I guess we’re going to have ...

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