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The Prosperity Power of Curiosity

In yesterday’s post I spoke about celebrating the awesome astonishment of now.  But I must admit, I did experience some negative thoughts about the issue… (more…)...

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Where the Breakthroughs Happen

The real breakthroughs in innovation don’t happen because wannabe entrepreneurs hookup with venture capitalists.  And they don’t happen because something has a hot IPO or ICO potential. (more&he...

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The Path We Are Taking…

Free enterprise drives progress and innovation.  Lots of developments happen because people want to find a new or better way to earn profits.  And that’s not a bad thing.  I’m all for capitalis...

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Prosperity is Forward

Today many countries celebrate Earth Day.  A noble act, and protecting our planet is vital.  But be wary of negative and limiting memes that often surround this cause… (more…)...

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Finding Opportunity

Many people are looking for a great opportunity.   The reason many don’t find it, is because they don’t recognize it - because so many opportunities are disguised as a problem or challenge.  (m...

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