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Being Real with Yourself

Yesterday I asked you to do some critical thinking on what you’re attracting in your life.    And look at your health, relationships, prosperity, work, and spiritual foundation.   So how did yo...

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What You’re Really Attracting

So I meant a guy in the softball league I’ll call “Jeremy.”  He’s 36 years old, and in his 36 winters, he’s seen a lot.  His father told his family that he didn’t love them, and walked o...

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Liking Yourself

I have waited to post again, because there were so many powerful comments being posting on the last post about self-esteem.  Really some helpful stuff!  It’s great to see the community working tog...

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Resolving Low Self-Esteem

Ari posed the question of how someone with worthiness and low self-esteem issues gets better.

I wish I knew.

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Selfishness In (or Versus) Relationships

I believe a sane person accepts him or herself, and is comfortable in his or her own skin.  And they are also comfortable with being selfish, and ensuring that their own needs are met.  They underst...

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The Reason for Reason

In the last post we talked about the importance of having a purpose, and I said I think that this needs to be centered around your own happiness.

The next important fundamental value is running your ...

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How We Create Happiness

So I said in the last post that if your main purpose in life is serving others or even serving God, I doubt you’ve very happy.  You may want to consider selling all of your possessions and commit t...

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Manifesting Happiness

I’m the happiest person I know.  How many people can actually say that?  And how many might describe themselves as the unhappiest person they know?  So just how do we manifest happiness?

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