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How to Set the Perfect Goal

Last post we discussed the criteria that for goals that cause you to change your behavior enough to attain them.  I promised that in this post I would share what makes a goal “perfect” – one th...

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The Only Tragedy in Goal Setting

Lots of talk in the self-development space about goal setting.  And rightfully so.  Setting goals creates a desired vision, gives you focus, and something to be accountable about.  But what happens...

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Celebrating Life

You can spend your morning jog obsessing over if you’re burning enough calories or how long it will take to be ready to run a marathon.  Or you can notice the scenery and slide into the runner’s ...

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One Step Closer…

The world of personal growth and self-development sometimes seems to be eternally omphaloskeptic.  Everyone is special and enjoys the contemplation of their navel.  Instead of their goals.

There ...

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Seeking Out Stress

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the bad effects stress and negative emotions can have on your health.  I was delighted to see Paul point out some research about the detrimental effect of no stres...

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Setting Goals You Actually Achieve

We’ve had a great week of posts, looking at performance achievements, setting up learning agendas, and then how balance factors into the equation.  Now let’s tie that all together and see how you...

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