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Your 5-Part Prosperity Assessment

Would you like to know how healthy, happy, and wealthy you will be five years from now?  I can predict it for you with an astonishing level of accuracy.  At least I can if you show your res...

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Health Philosophy for Prosperity

How do you…you know…actually manifest prosperity?  There’s so many conflicting theories and a lot of just batshit crazy beliefs about the subject.  If you’re just jumping on board, ...

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How to Build Your Wealth

Being wealthy is sometimes is a gift.  If you were born a Rockefeller, Ford, or Walton, for all practical purposes, you were raised in an environment where wealth was practically assured to you.  If...

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Build Wealth, Don't Chase Money

The corona virus is now officially a pandemic and sadly, many are getting sick and far too many people are dying.  The cost of losing lives like this can’t even begin to be quantified.  After that...

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Why Being Realistic is Usually a Horrible Idea

In the last post I challenged you to expand your prosperity consciousness – the window through which you see the world.  When you do this, you develop bigger dreams for yourself, then set bigger go...

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Managing Your Money

If someone offered you an extraordinary business opportunity, could you come up with $5,000 to do it?  Do you always carry a few hundred dollars (or euros, pounds or whatever) of folding money around...

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Financial Advice

I’m not an attorney or financial planner, so I don’t give legal or investment advice.   I’m a prosperity coach.  The only credential I can lay claim to is being a high school dropout who got ...

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