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The Victim’s Journey

We’ve talked a lot in this space about the mythical hero’s journey, and how it applies in our day-to-day lives.  One of the common hero journey myths is slaying the dragon.  In European...

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Is There Life After Death?

We set another record for downloads on the Power Prosperity Podcast last week.  A big reason was the special episode I put out on Saturday.  Since it got such a huge response, let’s continue the d...

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Stop Trying the Save the World

Do you find that you are continuously “rescuing” the people around you from adverse consequences? Does it seem you’re lurching from crisis to crisis?  Are you always having to be the superhero ...

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The Powerful Benefits of Ego

When my Risky Is the New Safe book came out, there was a lot of controversy over the chapter on ego.  I made the case that every successful achiever (business, sports, government, etc.) had a strong ...

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When Ego Runs Amuck

In yesterday’s post, we looked at when it’s good to lie to yourself.  You can actually empower yourself with positive belief.  But this sometimes comes with a dark side…


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Ego and Success

I saw a fascinating interview with coach Mike Krzyzewski, who is coaching the latest version of the “Dream Team” – the USA Olympic basketball squad.  He was asked how he got these superstar ath...

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Being Great

Great discussion started on the last post about ego.  If we leave the world of entrepreneurs and look at politics, sports, or even the arts, we see the same pattern:  High-level achievers have a str...

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