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You Can’t Out-Give the Universe

Last post I told you that to make a clean break from limiting behaviors of the past, you’re going to want to reboot the system – and make sure the “new you” isn’t being built on any of the o...

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Circulating Prosperity Forward

Here’s what I know about you.  (Even if we have never met.)  You did some things you wish you didn’t.  Said some things you wish you could take back.  You might be harder on yourself than anyo...

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Circulate Your Prosperity

True and abundant prosperity is never about possessing things, but enjoying, sharing and ultimately, releasing them.  This is true for both your spiritual gifts and your material possessions.  Hoard...

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River of Prosperity

There is a river whose streams make glad…  That excerpt from Psalm 46 has a fascinating lesson for prosperity, happiness, and success. (more…)...

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Using the Circulation Law to Manifest Prosperity

Think of prosperity like a brisk, flowing river.  It’s always moving, releasing pressure, and seeking its proper level.  On the other hand, when water pools in a stationary place, it becomes cloud...

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