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Responding to the Challenges and Realities of Life

In yesterday’s post we looked at how we can use the power of the mind.  And that is really about taking responsibility for your life, by taking responsibility for your choices.  Because it is by t...

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A New Chapter

There are lots of young people graduating this time of year.  It’s no accident that their graduation ceremony is called commencement.  Because it’s not really about their education ending, but t...

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Expect to Win

Fascinating discussion going on the last post on lying to yourself.  Now let’s look at another perspective – the expectations you create for yourself.  (more…)...

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The Prosperity Mindset

I was reading a fascinating book by J. Paul Getty.  If you adjust for inflation, Getty is likely the richest man the world has ever known.  And I was delighted to read that he also believed in a “...

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What You Expect

I’m doing an event this weekend in Boras, Sweden. Walking around town beforehand, I met a couple who came from Iceland to attend.  Because they’re new on the success journey and money is tight, t...

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Your Mental Attitude

Last post we looked at how you create the future with your thoughts.   Once you accept that you are the thinker of your thoughts, you become the architect of yourself and your circumstances. (more&h...

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