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Choosing Your Thoughts

Hopefully you checked out the discussion on the last post. Some great discussion going on there.  To continue the thought, your circumstances don’t make you.  They reveal you.  They give you a ch...

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Let Us Despise the Slaves

So in yesterday’s post, we discussed Brian’s comment about millions of people being oppressed by others pursuing greed.  I believe both the oppressor and the oppressed are co-creators in lack.  ...

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Knowing You Are Worthy

In yesterday’s post I said the best thing you can do for the poor and downtrodden is not be one of them.  So you must work hard to ensure you are not infected with the mind viruses of lack and limi...

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Are You Listening to the Universe?

We’ve talked a lot about how your outer world is created by your inner thoughts.  This seems to be the hardest thing for the herd to understand.  But it is still the truth. (more…)...

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Manifesting Prosperity

When it comes to the prosperity, or lack of it, you manifest - this will be determined by the vision of your heart.  Now that doesn’t mean idle wishes, but your actual vision.  It may be base, it ...

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The Books That Molded my Life

Quite a few of you have asked for book recommendations, for helping recognize negative programming, build better habits or develop more prosperity consciousness.  This is a fun subject; one that I lo...

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