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Speak Your Prosperity into Existence

It always amazes me when people affirm the most negative things. A friend called me to say that he had backed his truck into a tree and added, “Every time things really start going good for me, som...

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Affirmation for a Prosperous Day

After two days, mostly spent lying on the floor in excruciating back pain, I need a positive affirmation for a new day today.  And just in case you do as well, let me share mine with you.  (You may ...

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The Role of Vision

You can have a powerful vision.  You can put that vision on your Prosperity Manifestation Map.  You can speak it in 13 affirmations every morning.  And you can still not achieve it. (more…)...

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The I Am

Most of you know I don’t think it’s my job to convert people to a particular religious belief.  However I believe the Bible is a great prosperity textbook, offering many insights on living an abu...

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Living in the Now

We talk a lot about affirmations and how they program your subconscious mind.  It’s important that you always affirm things in the present tense. (more…)...

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Praying for Others

We spoke in yesterday’s post about praying for others, and why we might do other affirmations.  I believe that when I pray for or speak affirmations for others, some kind of energy or Mastermind co...

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The Power of Prayer

We talked in yesterday’s post about writing affirmations.  And of course many people pray for things.  So here’s a question for you… (more…)...

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The Power of Affirmations

In yesterday’s post we talked about your prosperity mantra.  Today let’s look at affirmations.  Affirming something quietly in your mind imprints it there.  Doing it repeatedly increases the le...

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