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Thank You for Your Support, The Skills Lab is SOLD OUT

If you want to become a professional speaker…
If you want your webinars and online live streams to rock…
If you want to make more compelling and effective stage presentations…

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Sold Out
Mark your calendars because this is one event you can’t afford to miss!

Randy Gage’s Presentation Skills Lab

Friday-Saturday, April 7-8, 2023 | Miami, FL

Successful people are able to inspire and galvanize others through their presentations. They’re able to unpack complex issues into actionable plans of action. These communicators cause us to lift our eyes above the horizon and see something bigger than ourselves. Learning how to speak better will improve everything you do in business. (And arguably, life.)

Because what we are really talking about is communicating with power. Having the ability to persuade, and influence outcomes. Being able to rally people around an idea, further a cause, or even create a movement.

Sometimes these presentations are done in boardrooms or conference rooms, sometimes they’re done in a convention hall in front of thousands, and sometimes they’re done online for millions. (And some of the best ones are done at “show and tell.”)

A huge part of business success is your ability to make powerful stage presentations. Whether you’re a direct seller leading your team, a corporate exec reporting to a Board, a coach or consultant, or you’re actually a professional speaker – one of the most lucrative and rewarding skills you can develop is how to be amazing on the platform.

And arguably no one on the planet is a better coach to unleash your speaking gifts than Hall of Fame speaker Randy Gage. Randy has spoken to more than 2 million people, across more than 50 countries, and is one of the highest paid, most-sought-after speakers in the profession today.

By popular demand, Randy has agreed to reprise his Presentation Skills Lab that he has presented around the world. You will learn how to confidently deliver powerful speeches and compelling presentations – both online and live. This is concentrated and personalized coaching on how to become a world-class communicator.

Here is just some of what you will learn at this live event:

Command Attention

The best technique to grab the audience and have them leaning into your talk in the first ten seconds

Story Telling

How to take your personal experiences and stories – and turn them into learning experiences for the audience

Presentation Differentiation

The massive difference between seminars, workshops and keynotes – and why you have to know this

Workshop Optimization

How to outline a seminar or workshop to produce the best learning experience for the audience

How to Mine Inspiration

How to mine useful stories and humor from your life and work experiences

Stage Presence

How to outline a seminar or workshop to produce the best learning experience for the audience

Opening with Impact

The five best types of openings for any stage presentation

Do Away with Q&A

How to outline a seminar or workshop to produce the best learning experience for the audience

Influential Introductions

Crafting the right introduction to better position you with the audience before you even begin speaking

The Importance of Research

The pre-event research required to ensure your talk is exactly what the audience needs

Transform Your Success with Superior Communication

This Is Experiential…

Please understand that this is not a traditional seminar with a speaker sharing information and you taking notes. This is much more of a “hands-on,” heuristic laboratory/workshop on how you can become a world-class stage presenter. Randy will teach for a segment, then volunteers will come onstage and practice the technique and receive a critique. (You’re not required to do a stage session, but doing so will provide an extremely enhanced learning experience for you. So best to come prepared to play all out.)

Watch Randy's Speaker Demo Video

See What Past Attendees Have to Say About Randy’s Presentation Skills Lab

  • Randy Gage Rocks! He’s an absolute genius when it comes to defining your personal brand, then creating your message, and I’m living proof. As a founding member of the Million Dollar Speakers Group, and one of only 20 people in the Speakers Roundtable, my success as a top-rated keynote speaker would never have been possible without his guidance, insights, and strategies.

    Ford Saeks, Business Keynote Speaker, CSP, CPAE

  • The Randy Gage Presentation Skills Lab was impactful for me in very deep ways. Beyond tools and tactics, the experience was liberation. I had a major shift in mindset about me, my presence and magnificence. The Randy Gage Speaker School was filled with tough love, kindness, authenticity and did I say, love (lots of it)? I felt that from you and all the participants. Love and genius were pulsating in the room. I was able to channel my energy on the stage in a more profound way, quieting my actions while pulsating my power. I learned what only Randy can teach, how to work with large stages, stadiums and major theatrical productions. Also, he educated me about the authenticity, language, and dynamics of the first five minutes. BRILLIANCE. If you want to step out onto a bigger platform, raise your skills of presentation and performance you need, Randy. By the way all you "Masters" of the business: you need to attend and grow. Randy will tell you what no one else will. He is bigger, bolder, more successful than most, lol than you. Just saying, you think you got it going on think again. You need be with the Gage Mad Genius. You owe it to your audiences and yourself."

    Pegine Echevarria, Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame, Founder of Power Women Global

  • I attended Presentation Skills Lab in June of 2022, and I got my money's worth in the first hour I was there. A simple reworking of my opening story took a good opening to an amazing one. It was fun to see Randy's mind work as all of the participants shared their story and Randy crafted it into something spectacular on the fly. Not only did I get a lot from the tweaks to my own program, but exploring the process to develop other people's keynotes was also extremely helpful. Thanks, Randy!

    Lisa Ryan, CSP

  • I've been following Randy's work for years, and finally meeting him in person was absolutely electric! I had so many great takeaways, I don't even know where to begin. I highly recommend Presentation Skills Lab to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills, or simply looking to broaden their ability to communicate in general.

    Joe A., Boston

  • With total professionalism and experience, Randy taught me how to create my story arc. In just a powerful and entertaining weekend, I absolutely improved the caliber of my content and the way to deliver it. I started immediately using these new tools and I am getting very effective results in my presentations. Great learning and highly recommended!!

    Aliro Morales

  • Regardless of your experience, Randy Gage’s insightful, practical and unique program will exponentially raise your effectiveness as a speaker. If you want to accelerate your success in life or in business, I highly recommend you take The Presentation Skills Lab course. You’ll be thrilled you did.

    James E Trapp, Speaker, Author, and Strategic Advisor

  • Randy’s Presentation Skills Lab was a game-changer for me! I went with a mindset to grow. After I implemented Randy's feedback people saw immediate growth in my presenting and communication skills. Randy has a gift – of cleverly crafting your story in a compelling way that encourages people to want to buy your product and join your team!"

    Sarah Robbins, Speaker, Best Selling Author

  • I really thought I’ve mastered the story telling in my keynotes, until Randy’s Presentation Skills Lab. I was missing so much stuff. Easy to learn and massive results!

    Erick Gamio, Marketing & Leadership Consultant Entrepreneur

  • Randy teaches how to connect with people through words and warm interaction. He has incredible sensitivity to help the speaker to find the key points of the story!”

    Lily Rosales

  • This is where I learned to craft a power packed talk, with an opening that captures my audience, filled with stories to illustrate the lessons learned, and an ending that leaves them wanting more... and gained my speaking confidence!

    Ann Feinstein

  • Randy has the ability to take a story that sounds boring and doesn’t connect with people, and transform it so it catches the audience from the first second. You create a greater impact, simply from the way you tell it.”

    Luca Melloni

  • Randy will teach you how you can be UNIQUE on stage and tell the story that only YOU can tell. What I learned from Randy is how my everyday experiences, sad moments, happiest times and even the things that embarrassed me the most – can become the key story that anchors my presentation. If you want to be confident in front of an audience, I strongly encourage you to join this class!”

    Hilde Rismyhr-Saele

  • I decided to train with Randy Gage because I always believe that if you want to be the best, you must train with the best.”

    Evie Hernandez, Strategic Growth Specialist

  • Randy’s Presentation Skills Lab is a transformational class that will make you confident to present at a dinner party, baptism, wedding, business presentation and larger events!

    Ørjan Saele, Owner, Saele Invest & Consulting AS

Speaking Goes Beyond the Stage

You don’t need to be able to deliver a showbiz level keynote speech to an arena with 10,000 people. (Although it’s deliciously fun if you can.) But you do need the ability to stand in front of a group of other humans – and make a compelling case for something you believe in. If you can’t, you’re at a severe disadvantage whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur. Even if you’re just serving on a jury, a committee at work, or volunteering with a political campaign or charity – the ability to present your thoughts in a compelling, convincing way will add immensely to your ability to manifest prosperity. Speaking is a skillset and anyone can learn it. It involves using tools and techniques like pace, pauses, humor and storytelling. You want to be able to convey information in a way that best allows people to process it. And if you can then be able to call them into action – you truly become one of the people who can change the world.

Randy Gage’s Presentation Skills Lab


Two-day workshop on how you can become a powerful platform presenter


Friday-Saturday, April 7-8, 2023 | Miami, FL


Hotel To Be Announced - Miami, Florida
(More details for the hotel will be provided later.)

Early-Bird Special:

$577 (SAVE $200!)
(Reg. $777)

Limited space available. Claim your seat before we sell out!
Randy only conducts this event one time each year. Lock in your space now or you’ll miss out for another 12 months.

You’ll be shocked how much being a better presenter improves your leadership and influence in both your professional and personal life.

This program is very intense and fast paced. Because of the highly interactive nature of the event, participation has to be limited. Sorry to do this, but it’s the only way an event like this works. So if you’re interested in attending or bringing your team, be sure and grab your tickets quickly.
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