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Get the Money Thing Out of the Way!

Posted By: Randy GageNovember 24, 2022

(Friday Filosophy 11/25/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Filosophy.  Each week I challenge you with a question, topic, or idea you may want to think about. Today let’s go back to something I challenge you on frequently – your attitude and beliefs about money.

Most people believe the rich obsess over money when in fact, the opposite is true.  Poor people think about money a whole lot more. This is a case of what psychologists call projecting – where people impose their own fears, prejudices, or motives on others.  Having experienced almost the entire spectrum – from having my power disconnected by the electric company to paying cash for an exotic supercar – here are my insights on the subject...

This common perception isn’t because rich people are more spiritual, or that poor people are more materialistic.  It’s more a reflection on how necessary money is to your day-to-day survival.  When I was broke, money was about all I could think about.  I spent restless nights desperately contemplating any possible way to pay the rent, keep the lights on, and buy enough groceries.  When the phone rang, I wondered if it was a bill collector. I was obsessed with money almost 24/7, because I had to be.

Wealthy people very seldom think about money because they don’t need to. Money is simply a lubricant that offers more choices, magnifies positive experiences, and generally enhances their life, so they often take it for granted.

There is a qualitative difference between money and prosperity.  But please don’t make the mistake of believing that money is not part of the prosperity equation.  Money is an integral part of prosperity and any belief otherwise will greatly diminish the level of prosperity you will manifest in your life.

That doesn’t mean everyone everywhere has to have money.  There certainly are ascetics who eschew all material comforts who profess to be prosperous and they may be.  But I believe that for more than 99 percent of us, the ascetic lifestyle would not feel prosperous to us.  (If you’re wondering if you fit in the less than one percent group, I’ll posit that since you’re on broadband reading this on a device right now…you’re not.)  People sometimes argue with me that Mother Teresa was a living example of someone who was prosperous without money and material things.  I find that hard to believe, since I made monthly donations to her charity.

There are lots of people with oodles of cash who have sacrificed their health for it, and they’re certainly not prosperous.  Likewise, for those with high net worth, but stuck in negative, dysfunctional relationships.  For prosperity, you need health, healthy relationships, and a harmonious mindset.  (Not necessarily religious, but experience a day-to-day spiritual connection that grounds you.) Then we must add money freedom to complete a truly prosperous life.  If you are healthy, have a great marriage, are spiritually grounded, but struggle to pay your credit cards each month – you are certainly not prosperous either.  My best advice is…

Get the money thing out of the way!

It’s not that money and material things make you happy.  They won’t.  What money and material things can provide is a way to express yourself that enhances your level of happiness. True prosperity means you have enough wealth so that you don’t have to worry about survival and necessities or are forced to make every decision based on the cost.  This begs the question…

How do you get to the point where you have enough money that you no longer have to chase or obsess over it?  That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer for 30 years, over 14 books, 10,000 essays here, and hundreds of podcasts. Here’s the TL; DR version, broken down into seven actions:

Lose the belief that it is somehow noble or spiritual to be poor.  (It’s not.  Poverty is a sin.)

Discover any subconscious mind virus programming you’ve received that has you questioning whether you are worthy.  (Organized religion, governments, and other entities need you to be dependent on them.  They’re often the biggest purveyors of the destructive “you’re not worthy” mind viruses.)

Eviscerate that programming and replace it with beliefs that empower you.  (You never get the prosperity you deserve – you get the prosperity you believe you deserve.)

Craft a vision of what a prosperous life means to you.  (Start with what your perfect day would look like, then extend it out to where and how you would live, what kind of work you would do, and who you want in your life.)

Find your prosperity platform.  (When you solve problems, add value, or envision superior possibilities – people will lovingly, gratefully, joyfully throw money at you. Look for ways you can do any one of the three.  Or if you want to be extremely rich, all three.)

Unleash the power of leverage.  (This is pretty simple.  If you have to trade time for money, you’re at a great disadvantage. To optimize your ability to earn money, you need to leverage your time, labor, money, or all three.)

Construct a positive programming support structure. (You’re being programmed for lack and limitation 24/7.  You need to counter-program against this.  A lot.)

If you want to dig deeper into money beliefs and how you can transform yours, you can read The Role of Leverage in Creating Wealth and Prosperity Requires Money.  If you prefer videos, watch Money Beliefs that Keep You Broke and Create Money Security

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Please seize the moment and please be kind to yourself. Hope your weekend is enchanting.



P.S. to podcast peeps: Episodes that cover money beliefs you may want to check out are #373 Make Money with Your Mind, #374 How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset, #398 Bad Beliefs about Money and #451 How to Make Money Mindset.  Available on all the major podcast platforms.

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  • One comment on “Get the Money Thing Out of the Way!”

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