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Prosperity Requires Money

Posted By: Randy GageDecember 22, 2020

There is a qualitative difference between money and prosperity.  But please don’t make the mistake of many people, believing that money is not part of the prosperity equation.  Money is an integral part of prosperity and any belief otherwise will greatly diminish the level of prosperity you will manifest in your life.

True prosperity is multifaceted.  An accurate definition of prosperity would have to include optimal health, harmonious relationships, spiritual sustenance, and most definitely…money and material things. 

People sometimes argue with me that Mother Teresa was a living example of someone who was prosperous without money and material things.  I find that hard to believe, since I made an ongoing monthly donation to her charity.  That doesn’t mean everyone everywhere has to have money.  There certainly are ascetics who eschew all material comforts who profess to be prosperous and they may be.  But I believe that for more than 99 percent of us, the ascetic lifestyle would not feel prosperous to us.  (If you’re wondering if you fit in the less than one percent group, I’ll posit that since you’re getting broadband and reading this on a device right now…you’re not.) 

There are lots of people with loads of cash who have sacrificed their health for it, and they are certainly not prosperous.  Likewise, those with high net worths, but stuck in negative, dysfunctional relationships are not prosperous either.  You also need a harmonious mindset, not necessarily religious, but experience a day-to-day spiritual connection that grounds you.  Then we must add money freedom to complete a truly prosperous life.  If you are healthy, have a great marriage, are spiritually grounded, but struggle to pay your credit cards each month – you are certainly not prosperous either.

Get the money thing out of the way...

It’s not that money and material things make you happy.  They don’t.  What money and material things can provide is a way to express yourself that enhances your level of happiness. When we affirm, “get the money thing out of the way,” this elegantly yet simply explains the dynamic that matters: You don’t have to reach a certain net worth, have more money than your neighbors, or make the FORBES list to be prosperous.  That's just social signaling bullshit that prevents you from feeling prosperous. True prosperity just means you have enough wealth so that you don’t have worry about survival and necessities, or are forced to make every decision based on the cost.  Money freedom means you’ve gotten the money thing out of the way and it’s an important element of a prosperous life.


- RG

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  • 2 comments on “Prosperity Requires Money”

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