More on 'The Secret'

Yesterday I mentioned that I like ‘The Secret” because it has introduced people to the law of attraction.  The problem comes from all of the people that watch it and think they can just sit on their ass dreaming about a Lamborghini and it’s going to drive itself up to their house.


The Secret of 'The Secret'

Well since I’m attacking sacred cows like organized religion, I might as well go after another big one these days:  “The Secret”

The Worthiness Issue

Earlier we spoke about how the crazy fundamentalists in organized religion create so much lack and limitation in the world.  Let’s explore that deeper to see just how they do this.

The Prosperity Power of Expectations

So I was fifteen years old and sitting in a jail cell charged with armed robbery.  Even at this young age, my life seemed destined for a quick and ugly end.  Then a visit from a complete stranger started a chain of events that would transform my life forever…

How Organized Religion Kills Prosperity

As I counsel people on creating wealth and developing prosperity consciousness, there is one issue that comes up again, and again.  The pervasive, all-encompassing and lack-centered beliefs they developed as a result of their exposure to organized religion.  It's the single biggest issue I see.


The Power of Programming

If you’ve read my books, or followed my “Rants” for a while, then you know I’m a big believer in the power of programming your subconscious mind.  Personally I think this was one of the most helpful things I did to turn my life around.

I did this through affirmations, prosperity mind maps, subliminal CD’s, meditation and other things.  Now there is a great new resource out to make programming your own subconscious mind even more powerful.

Harmonic Wealth

Long time readers know I am not crazy about “The Secret.” I’m glad that it has introduced the Law of Attraction to many people. But the film took a pretty simplistic view of how to apply it. There’s lots of people sitting home watching the video, wondering when their Lamborghini is going to drive itself into their driveway.

It will be a long wait.


When I'm President...

Well Hillary & Obama seem hopelessly deadlocked on who can give away more free health care, prescriptions and goodies.  And John McCain seems like a nice guy to have at your family reunion, but we’re talking about electing the leader of the (kind of) free world here.

So I’ve done the only logical thing and answered the call of my country.  I am officially announcing my candidacy for president of the United States of America.