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Ask Alexa to Enable the Randy Gage Skill

This skill is to help your personal growth and development. It’s all about expanding your prosperity consciousness – the window through which you view the world. New York Times bestselling author Randy Gage will help you blow up limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower you to become more successful.

For more than 30 years, Randy has been helping people like you achieve more success and prosperity in their lives.
Enable the Randy Gage skill and ask Alexa for some of these unique benefits:
  •  Play the Power Prosperity Podcast
  • Subscribe to the Power Prosperity Podcast
  • Opt in for Prosperity Push Alerts from Randy Gage
  • Subscribe to “Gage on Prosperity” Email newsletter
  • Play Randy’s Speaker Demo Video
  • Order a copy of Randy's new book
  • Sign me up for Randy’s Prosperity Tips Flash Briefing
  • Order other resources from Randy's online store with Amazon Alexa
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