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You, Rocking the Stage…

Posted By: Randy GageMay 3, 2021

One of the best skillsets you can ever develop is the ability to make powerful presentations and speeches.   I’ve seen dynamic powerful CEOs lose all credibility because they couldn’t facilitate a PowerPoint presentation in a boardroom with ten people.  When a company’s president, founder, or CEO can rock the stage at the annual convention – they have a much greater chance of inspiring people into action.  Even if you’re just serving on a jury, a committee at work, or volunteering with a charity – the ability to present your thoughts in a compelling, convincing way will add immensely to your ability to succeed.

Everyone needs the ability to stand in front of a group of other humans – and make a compelling case for something you believe in.  If you can’t, you’re at a severe disadvantage whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur.  Persuasive presentation is a skillset that anyone can learn.  It involves using tools and techniques like pace, pauses, humor and storytelling.  You want to be able to convey information in a way that best allows people to process it.  And if you can then be able to call them into action – you truly become one of the people who can change the world.

How proficient are you in this area?  What are you doing to get better?  Would you love to become a confident and relaxed, rock star presenter?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that my fourth annual event Speaker School is going to be held live in Miami.  And it’s coming up soon! 

Note: This is not a talking head Zoom meeting; this is happening LIVE.  Florida has rebounded from the pandemic and meetings are happening here.  I’ve been vaccinated and am presenting again.  Be advised that we will be following common sense safety protocols, but face masks are optional in the meeting room.  (I won’t be wearing one. If you’re uncomfortable with that or are in a high-risk health situation, you may choose to wait to attend until next year.)

The greatest moment that happens in a speech is when someone in the audience reacts to the speaker with this thought: “Wow, you too?  I thought I was the only one in the world with that issue.  I’m so relieved to learn that there is hope for me.”  This is the moment when everything “clicks,” and behavior is changed for the better.  And this is the level of skill you aspire to attain if you want to make a difference in the world. 

The Speaker School is an in-depth, two-day experiential workshop where you will learn how to crush it on the platform.  This event can transform you from a quivering tweeb into a rock star presenter in a weekend.  Really. You’ll learn how to grab the audience by the metaphorical throat and have them leaning in to hear every word you speak.  It’s a powerful, experiential program with 90 percent of the time devoted to attendees actually presenting on-stage while I coach and critique them. 

You will learn how to:

  • Employ one of my 5 best ways to start a presentation;
  • Increase energy and participation during online presentations;
  • Integrate stories to anchor teaching points;
  • Craft an inspirational keynote;
  • Prevent death by PowerPoint;
  • Find useful stories and humor from your life experiences;
  • Build seminar agendas for learning outcomes;
  • Work in partnerships with interpreters; and,
  • Masterfully weave storytelling, pauses, humor, and case studies to create electrifying presentations!

You can find all the details here (including an early bird discount to save $200):

Hope to see you in Miami. Peace,

– RG

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