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The 3 False Dilemmas that Keep You Broke

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 30, 2021

Poverty is not a lack of money and material possessions, it’s a state of consciousness. Prosperity is not an abundance of money and material possessions, it’s also a state of consciousness.  Which of those two states you possess – determines the size of the window you see the world through.  And that window regulates how prosperous you become, or don’t.  

People who view the world through a screen the size of an iPhone set small goals, create lower expectations, and their results demonstrate that.  People who expand the window, perhaps view the world through an IMAX 3D screen with laser projection and 12-channel sound system set bold, daring, and imaginative goals.  They expect to achieve them and their results demonstrate that.

I just finished conducting the latest Prosperity Livestream and want to share a vital insight from the lesson.  And that is the three false dilemmas that keep people viewing the world through a tiny window…the false dilemmas that keep you broke.  The reason these dilemmas are false is because they’re built on faulty premises.  Let’s explore them:

The Guilt Dilemma

You face this dilemma if you still harbor subconscious beliefs that money is evil and rich people are bad. Until and unless you blow up those limiting beliefs, you’re likely to self-sabotage any serious effort you make to become wealthy and/or successful.  If you do get rich or succeed, that subconscious programming will create underlying guilt that you’re becoming a bad person, selling your soul, forsaking god, etc.  This guilt is complete bullshit.  You have to release it to accept your abundance. 

The Martyrdom Dilemma

This dilemma is initially born from worthiness issues.  You don’t think you’re worthy of health, happiness, and prosperity, so you never allow yourself the choice to do anything nice for yourself.  If you’re considering the satellite radio package on your next car, you decide that money would be better served by donating it to save the rainforests. You’d like to remodel your kitchen, but there are children starving in Africa.  You think it would be bliss to experience a spa day, but your brother-in-law needs to give his bookie $200 or will get his legs broken.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help others; of course you should. But when you fall prey to the false dilemma, there is ALWAYS a person or cause more noble and deserving than yourself. 

It’s a bad premise because it’s built on the belief that money is finite and everything is an either/or proposition.  The truth is that you control the level of prosperity you attract.  You can manifest $800 to take the family to Disneyworld and another $800 you can send to the orphanage in India.

The Sensible Dilemma

This is another wrong premise created by worthiness issues.  It’s a worldview that you should only ever take the sensible, practical path at every opportunity.  You skimp on towel plushness to buy an extra washcloth. You order your meal in the restaurant by looking at the price column instead of the entrée column.  Or maybe you never even allow yourself the luxury of dining out, because it’s more sensible to save the money for retirement.

Similar to the dilemma above, there is ALWAYS a person or cause more sensible than splurging on yourself.  Part of living a prosperous life is deciding that sometimes you will choose the unsensible alternative because it brings you joy and enriches your life experience.

Recognizing that you’re creating false dilemmas for yourself is a big first step to developing prosperity consciousness to view the world through a bigger window.  Next post we’ll explore how that process can be accelerated. 


- RG

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