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Your Title Doesn’t Define You

Imagine this scenario: You’re a young gun, hired by Hot, Trendy, Innovative Company, Inc., a big international company with a powerful reputation.  People who work for this company are revered and ...

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The Path of Self Mastery

Last post we looked at Self-Mastery, the confidence that comes from it, and the effect that has on those around you.  When you possess Self-Mastery, you almost create a self-fulfilling sequence of su...

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The Delusion of Denial

(I’m posting this early, since tomorrow is Christmas Eve.)

God, don’t you wish you were born so lucky, like Oprah, the Rock, or J.K. Rowling?  Of course the only problem with that logic, is th...

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Work with Love or Quit

You’ve probably been taught that work is a necessary evil; one of the things you must endure, in order to be able to spend the “real time” living life.  This is blatant poverty consciousness an...

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