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Killing Your Inner Victim

There are random acts, but no random lives.  As you now know, your life (whether we’re discussing the old one or the reboot you desire to create) is the harvest of the thoughts you give precedence ...

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Are You Really Living Your Life?

I get asked frequently why I’m so hard on organized religion.  Most who ask believe I’m on a crusade to convert the world to atheism.  In actuality, that’s the last thing I want to do.  There...

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Letting Go of Being a Victim

Last post I said that to move forward to victory (winning in your life), you have to let go of your old story about being a victim.  So just how do you do that?

The actual process is so simple it...

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Are You a Co-Creator or Innocent Victim?

In a recent post, we looked at procrastination and how most people believe that things just “happen to them.”  So did you do some real thinking about that, and what you’re manifesting in your l...

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Throwing Off the Shackles of Slavery

I’d like to apologize to those who were offended by the last post.  Although I’d like to, I won’t… (more…)...

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Let Go of Your Story!

People sure love to hang on to their “story.”  You know the one.  The story that explains why you can’t get better, accomplish something mind-blowing, or succeed in life in general. (more&hel...

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Are You a Professional Victim?

Do you still talk about bad ex-lovers, personal slights, or money you lost in business deals in the past?  What you may think is entertaining to others, or is simply expressing your frustration, is a...

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The Language of Perpetual Victims…

In yesterday’s post, I promised to reveal how you can tell if someone – including you – is a professional victim.  The fastest tip off is the language they use.

People who are professional v...

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