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Make Time for Prosperity

(Monday Mojo 5/22/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

It’s another new week, so another week that will come down to how you choose your time.  As you approach those schedul...

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Time Management and Productivity

Time is a very mysterious thing to many people.  They simply cannot understand the concept of what time is, and how to use it for the best productivity and results.  If you break it down to the esse...

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The 5th Most Deadly Cause of Failure

Setting the stage: Through my work, I have identified and categorized the biggest causes that are holding people back.  There are five insidious ones – the ones I see repeated the most often and ho...

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The Timing of Success

We often talk about the difference between management and leadership. So how about if you take it one level higher and stop trying to manage your time and start leading it? (more…)...

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YOU Time

Last week on Prosperity TV I talked about the importance of setting boundaries.  (See that show here if you didn’t already.)  And you know who is the most important person you have to set those bo...

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Time Management

I just finished the Prosperity TV episode for next week where we’ll explore your “success handicap.”  By that I mean the tax you may be placing on yourself, by sleeping and starting later than ...

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So You Think You’re Busy

I'm busy!   Been in 12 counties in the last few weeks, and have a five country EU tour starting Monday.  Working on a new book proposal.  Outlining a new training program.  Just finished the play...

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How You Use Time

Last post we talked about the choices we make.  And almost nothing will impact your quality of life more than the choices you make about how you spend your time.   (more…)...

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