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The 51 Percent Tipping Point towards Prosperity

In the last post we talked about “catching” your negative thoughts.  Every time you do this, they lose some of their power over you, because they cannot subconsciously influence your behavior.  ...

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Honest Self Evaluation

So did you take some time after the last post, to really analyze your thoughts to determine how many are negative versus positive?  (more…)...

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The Reality of Your Thoughts

We have talked a lot about having awareness of the nature of your thoughts.  This is critical if you have the intent to take charge of them, thus taking charge of the results in your live. (more&hel...

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Building Happiness & Prosperity with Your Thoughts

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that life consists of what a man is thinking all day.  A pretty simple yet pretty profound thought wouldn’t you agree?   Of course James Allen tells us that we are made b...

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