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Your Relationship with Money…

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that whatever is afflicting them is not their own fault.  (Of course, this isn’t true in most cases, but it’s a comfortable lie we love t...

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The Role of Suffering

[Editor Note: By 9 am today I received enough DMs about this week's "Friday "Filosophy" newsletter that I knew it should be shared with you all. So by numerous requests, I am reprinting it in its en...

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Can You Really Attract Money and Prosperity?

Ever since The Secret debuted, there’s been much debate over our ability to attract money and material things, and how much control we have over manifesting prosperity in general.  With all of...

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More on 'The Secret'

Yesterday I mentioned that I like ‘The Secret” because it has introduced people to the law of attraction.  The problem comes from all of the people that watch it and think they can just sit on th...

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The Secret of 'The Secret'

Well since I’m attacking sacred cows like organized religion, I might as well go after another big one these days:  “The Secret”

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