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Unleashing Your Prosperity Power

In this episode you’ll learn the difference between internal and external factors for prosperity, and which is most important.  You’ll learn how to relate ...

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The 7 Most Empowering Prosperity Beliefs

In this episode, Randy shares what he believes are the seven most limiting beliefs about prosperity.  These are dangerous beliefs that literally billions of pe...

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Learn with Your Time, Earn with Your Mind

This lesson we explore a first principle of prosperity; earning with your mind through leverage.  This allows you to escape the trading time for money premise ...

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Create a Talent Catalog for Abundance

Sameness creates comfort.  Distinction creates opportunity. In this week’s lesson we explore how you can create distinction by combining talents to position ...

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Creating a Mastermind & Your Circle of Power

Jim Rohn famously said your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Randy suggest that your health, relationships, and overall h...

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Creating a Vacuum for Prosperity

If you’re clenching something in your hand, you can’t extend it to receive another blessing.  There are times when you must release something (or someone) in o...

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Attracting or Repelling Prosperity

This week’s lesson is a deep dive into how you ATTRACT or REPEL prosperity in your life.  You can't just visualize a Lambo and expect it's going to drive itself...

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Overcoming to Become

All of us must face some suffering in order to experience the wondrous side of life.  There simply is no magical thinking that will exempt you from this. If th...

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