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Changing Your Programming

I was on the phone with a close friend last night.  He was asking about a mutual friend we have.  “He’s been exposed to you a lot,” he said.  “Why do you think he keeps sabotaging himself?...

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Getting Closer to Your Dream

As I was planning the new virtual prosperity seminar I did yesterday, it dawned on me how much of self-development, and personal growth is about undoing instead of doing. (more…)...

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Tapping the Power of the Mastermind

Last post I asked you about how you prayed and what you expected when you do.  We also looked at affirmations.  There are some fascinating comments. Stop back and read them if you haven’t already....

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How Programmed are You?

Last post we discussed the difference between a philosophy and belief systems such as religions.  I asked you to do some critical analysis of some of your core beliefs.  I also asked you to remove t...

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Are You Up for Being Great?

I was in town Sunday, so got to stop by Unity on the Bay for the service from Reverend Chris Jackson.  As usual, Chris was rockin’ and the music was sublime.   (more…)...

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Are You Guilty?

We’ve been talking about how the TV and Hollywood creative types are forever painting unflattering pictures of rich and successful people.  But have you ever given much thought to how even the main...

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The Fundamentalists Who Want to Keep You Broke

Wow yesterday’s post on the worthiness issues created by organized religion certainly got some dialogue going!  As I said, organized religion is not the only guilty party here, but they’re certai...

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Changing Lack to Prosperity

So how do you reconfigure something in your mind, and change it from a negative to a positive?  The ability to do this is very important for being able to manifest prosperity and abundance.  But fir...

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