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Making Your Life Matter…

You think you have your life figured out until someone puts a bullet in your gut.  Not that I’m recommending the process, but it certainly worked for me.

Lying in the street in a pool of bl...

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Killing Off the Old You

In the last post we discussed consciousness and mindfully choosing your path instead of simply following the one your environment had prepared for you.  The post seemed to touch many on a deep level,...

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Learning the Lessons

You probably noticed, the universe likes to send you lessons from time to time.  And if you’re not ready to learn the lesson, then the universe has no compunction about sending it to you again.  A...

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Life is Short

Life is short.  So you can choose two different approaches to deal with this... (more…)...

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Your Messy Life

As I coach people, one thing comes up again and again.  Their lives are messy and it’s driving them nuts.  They’re desperate to get on “the path” – the linear, predictable steady ascent th...

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How to Live Better

There are first principles and fundamental truths that cannot be broken down or deduced any further.  (more…)...

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Plan B for Your Life

I never planned that my grandmother would get Alzheimer’s Disease.  Or expected the tax authorities to seize my business.  I certainly didn’t plan that my brother-in-law would die of a brain tum...

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