Making Your Life Matter…

You think you have your life figured out until someone puts a bullet in your gut.  Not that I’m recommending the process, but it certainly worked for me.

Lying in the street in a pool of blood, wondering if someone was coming to help.  Hearing the medic in the ambulance radioing in your stats on the way to the hospital, as they get worse and worse.  Having the doctors ask who they can call, because you might not survive the operation. 

You go through something like that and it can produce the most profound lifetime attitude adjustment you can imagine.  But only if you choose so. 

It can magnify the sacred. You notice the color of the leaves, play with the dog more, tell people you love them.  You stop taking sunsets, coffee with friends, and rainy days for granted.  But only if you choose so.

It can minimize the profane.  Suddenly that snarky Facebook post, the politics at work, or the traffic jam don’t seem quite so earth-shattering as they used to seem. But only if you choose so.

It can reconfigure your priorities.  That promotion versus a relationship with your child, making money versus making love, or success versus significance.  Life choices come into focus more clearly.  But only if you choose so.

You’re only going to get one shot at life.  Will you make it matter?

The thing is, you don’t need to get shot, lose a loved one, or receive a bad medical diagnosis to develop this awareness.  You don’t have to wait to reach bottom to decide to appreciate life (and the people who are in yours) more.  You simply have to choose so.    

The days are long, but life is short. 


- RG

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