Funny. And Fascinating.

Yesterday I recorded a special interview with Dr. Joe Vitale on some of the topics and lessons in the Risky Is the New Safe book.  Now if you know Joe, he’s a brilliant guy, and really can ask some searching questions.  So the energy was electric as we explored some of the breathtaking opportunities that will become available to humankind over the next decade or so.  (more…)

The Power of Manifesting…

As you guys know, I have a new book coming out. I thought I knew why I wrote it. But after a conversation I had with my close friend Joshua Shafran, I realized why I REALLY wrote it... (more…)

Predicting the Future

You really can predict the future with an uncanny degree of accuracy.  And no, you don't have to be a mystic, have “insider” information, or use a crystal ball.   There are some variables you can track and trends you can watch.  (more…)