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How to Market Online

If you’re in a business – any business – you need to market. And you need to market online. (more…)...

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Social Media Marketing Mastery

Building Your Brand, Creating Web Traffic, and Selling Your Products & Services...

Forgive me for being a Philistine.  But with all the rage about social media these days, most people seem to be...

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Sneak Peeks, and Techno Geeks: What’s the real future of the Internet?

As I walked into Mel’s Diner, the jukebox was blaring with the Big Bopper crooning “Chantilly Lace.”  Perfect.  So naturally I ordered a turkey dinner, with stuffing, lumpy mashed potatoes wit...

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Elevate Yourself!

A while back we had a post and some great comments about how you grow your self esteem.  Now there is a great new resource for that, as well as helping you grow in all areas of your life.  It’s ca...

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Quick Internet Marketing Tip

Just a quick note today for you Internet Marketers.  And if you’re not marketing online, why not?

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