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The Practice of Prosperous Thinking

Manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life has a lot to do with mental training.  Coaching, guiding, and directing your conscious mind.  You have to be mindful, practicing self-awareness, so ...

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A Fresh Start

As you begin another day in this adventure called life, why not do it with a forward-looking view?  Yesterday, and all the days before it, are past.  Today is your chance to go forward with faith, f...

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How to Be an Enlightened Person

Ultimately, I believe almost all of us would like to be an enlightened person.  We want to be the kind of person we like. (more…)...

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Your Next Assignment

Lots of talk in the personal development and growth space today about purpose.  Finding your passion.  And living a life of leaning. (more…)...

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Living Life Full-Time

I’m an entrepreneur, because I’m psychologically unemployable.  If I had a boss, one of us would end up dead. (more…)...

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The Hour of the Rat

Success comes from confidently making decisions and acting on them.  It’s a good formula to follow.  But every now and then, you’re going to experience the hour of the rat, when something you’...

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Your Inner Dialogue...

In yesterday’s post I said everything in your life depends on how you represent it to yourself — the “inner dialogue” you use with yourself. (more…)...

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Being Inspired versus Being Demoralized

It seems everyone today is looking to get “fired up.”  They want a meditation practice, fire walk, or really catchy meme from Facebook to energize them into action.  And yet they easily become d...

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