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Facing Down Failure

Once upon a time, there was a struggling writer who wrote stories that spoke to his soul.  They were quirky, poetic, and the public wasn’t buying them.  Even some of his writer colleagues ridicule...

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The Friends You Lose…

Twenty years ago, I had dozens of friends.  Or what I thought were friends at that stage in my life.  In reality, none of those people were ones I could count on, or really become close with.  Kind...

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From Setback to Comeback

Recently I began writing my 14th book, which will be book one of a trilogy (or maybe even a trilogy of trilogies) on living a life of prosperity.  The intro begins with the story of when I had my piz...

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The Breakthrough Truth

I was counseling with someone, working with him on an action plan for where he wants to go.  In the course of the exchange, we uncovered one of the most simple, but profoundly brilliant truths on bre...

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Choosing Growth

Last post we looked at why having a congruent philosophy to live by is so important. In a practical application sense, here’s where I believe the biggest benefit is… (more…)...

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Jumping to the Next Comfort Zone

If you asked me what separate the high level achievers from the average person I would say this: The achievers have no fear of getting out of their comfort zone.  Their fear is staying in one. (more...

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