Inspired by a Punk

(Monday Mojo 1/09/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

A couple weeks ago, we lost a mad genius.  After bringing creativity to the world for 81 years, fashion icon Vivienne Westwood went to the great runway show in the sky.  Two things I appreciated about her the most…

First, she lived her truth. Vivienne didn’t buy into the tired tropes and cliches of the fashion space.  She became a bold, daring, and radical architect of the style that drove the punk movement.  But secondly, and most inspiring to me personally – she was completely self-taught, with no formal fashion training. She started off making her own clothes by following patterns, then evolved to buying clothing from thrift stores and deconstructing them to understand how they were made.  You don’t have to know or care anything about fashion to be inspired by Vivienne’s life and model her path...

Don’t wait for someone to give you an opportunity.  Make your own.


- RG

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