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Faith as a Prosperity Magnet

Potential prosperity surrounds you.  It exists as a metaphysical substance, which is present everywhere in the known universe.  We convert it to physical form through the catalyst of thought energy...

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Seeking the Sacred

The columns on organized religion and faith started a profound and fascinating discussion.   And raise the interesting question – what is the role of faith in a rational, healthy society? (more&he...

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Faith Works

Ah, the prospering power of faith.  Faith works. (more…)...

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Cause You Got to Have Faith!

I put the following status update on my Facebook fan page:  Step one: dream. Step two: believe. Step three: get out and hustle! (more…)...

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Fill the Vacuum with Faith

Courage, faith, belief, and confidence.  They are all different, yet they all share many commonalities and are indispensable to manifesting success and prosperity.  (more…)...

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Chaos or Cosmos?

What a fascinating discussion going on the last post about the universe being inherently good. And even more intriguing, the example that happened right after.  Please indulge me a personal story… ...

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Faith for Atheists and Agnostics

What a great discussion going on the last post Faith It Until You Make It!. Check it if you haven’t already.  David raises as interesting question there.  He asks, “You got any spiritual advice ...

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The Prosperity Power of Faith

One of the parables is the Bible relates the story of the woman who was healed when she touched the cloak of Jesus.  He told her that her faith made her well.  Like most of the parables in the Bible...

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