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The Drug of Cynicism

(Friday Filosophy 9/08/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Each Friday, I send you a postcard with some homework for the weekend – usually a question, topic, or challenge to contemplate. This week le...

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How to Think Clearly

(Friday Filosophy 4/07/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Good morning from Birmingham, Alabama, where I’m visiting to play in another softball tournament. If you’re new here, every Friday I chall...

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Make-Believe Leadership

There’s a huge delta between what most people perceive as leadership and what true leadership actually entails.  The textbook case study of this is President Donald Trump.  For mental heal...

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Make Bethlehem Great Again!

Every year around Christmas, I hear people imploring others to remember, “the reason for the season.”  (It’s almost as if they’re suggesting there is an alternate purpose than getting a new H...

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Help Me Believe You

If you want me to buy your product, join your cause, or embrace your idea – help me believe you.  Because if I think you’re overselling or misleading me, I’m probably going to discount and doub...

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The Danger of Attachment

In yesterday’s post, I metaphorically slapped you upside the head, sharing some thoughts on why people don’t change.  Let’s explore that deeper… (more…)...

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When Ego Runs Amuck

In yesterday’s post, we looked at when it’s good to lie to yourself.  You can actually empower yourself with positive belief.  But this sometimes comes with a dark side…


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Principles Matter

Here in the U.S., the Republican Party is in shock, unable to grasp the reality that Donald Trump is going to get their nomination for president. But no student of history should be surprised in the l...

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