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Finding a Cure for Religion

This is a continuing series of posts breaking down the six most important categories of core beliefs you develop in life.  I believe these areas are instrumental in terms of the self-esteem you devel...

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Hope, Dope, and a Dead Pope

It was spring, 2005 and I was sitting in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam toking up some sinsemilla, while the TV on the wall played images of people mourning the death of Pope John Paul II.  Maybe it was t...

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Why Religion is Evil – Part 2

A friend of mine is from Indonesia but resides here in the States.  He lives in mortal fear that his brothers will kill him.  Because their religion teaches them to.  More about that in a moment…...

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How Prosperous Are Your Beliefs?

Here in the United States, there’s been a lot of controversy and debate about legislation that many considered protecting religious freedom, while others felt it would legalize discrimination.


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What Will You Do with Today?

So I promised myself I would take the weekend off and relax, celebrate Christmas, and recharge.  But my recharging in the park on Christmas morning inspired me to write the post, Jesus is Coming - An...

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The Gift of Grace

All last week we looked at the frailties of being a human, with the idea of not letting them lower our perception of self worth.  Now in those frailties, do we sometimes do bad things that we have to...

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