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F*ck Poverty!!!

(Friday Filosophy 2/17/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome to this Pulitzer Prize-winning (not) edition of Friday Filosophy – the weekly postcard where I challenge you with a question, idea, ...

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Bringing Prosperity from the Abstract to the Physical Form

In my book Risky Is the New Safe, I suggested that in the future, the most sought-after currency in the world would be ideas.  That future is now here.  And nowhere is this dynamic more app...

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Living in Lack is a Crime Against Humanity

Some people think I’m crazy when I suggest that when we are unhealthy, unhappy, or poor, it is an aberration from our natural state.  But I truly believe this.  When we’re living in lac...

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The Power of Forgiveness

I told you earlier that along with the balmy breezes and swaying palm trees, my relocation to Miami also delivered to me the gift of coming face to face with a hopped-up crack addict with a gun.  Tha...

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The Sin of Poverty

“Poverty is a sin.”  Charles Fillmore shocked the religious community when he made that statement decades ago.  And people are still shocked, or sometimes even angry, when I affirm this still to...

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I See Dead People

In the last post I gave you the best advice for success I know.  Here’s a key component of that advice: dead people.  Not that I have anything against living people, mind you.  I like them too. ...

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The Greatest Success Breakthrough

Millions of people strive for success, happiness and prosperity.  And these are many parts of that equation.  But here is the single biggest breakthrough in the process… (more…)...

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The Idea Shortage

One of the early influences for me writing Risky is the New Safe was the work of Charles Fillmore.  Charles was the co-founder of the Unity church with his wife Myrtle.  He taught that we have a cre...

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