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Jumping to the Next Comfort Zone

If you asked me what separate the high level achievers from the average person I would say this: The achievers have no fear of getting out of their comfort zone.  Their fear is staying in one. (more...

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Responding to the Challenges and Realities of Life

In yesterday’s post we looked at how we can use the power of the mind.  And that is really about taking responsibility for your life, by taking responsibility for your choices.  Because it is by t...

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Chase the Challenge

If you don’t mind, one more post about the power of perspective for your prosperity.  Let’s look at how your perspective applies to… (more…)...

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Seek Greater Challenges

A question I get asked a lot is how I stay positive, focused and keep the right mindset.  There’s been many different answers over the years, but I’ll share what it is now… (more…)...

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Why You Challenge Yourself

Dare to do something great.  First conceive of something in your heart, that you really want to do.  Then make that your supreme duty… (more…)...

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