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The Virtue to Lead…

I just finished the 1,248th book I’ve read on leadership.  (Give or take one or ten.)  Leadership books are actually a cottage industry these days.  Too bad so many of them completely miss the ma...

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Where the Breakthroughs Happen

The real breakthroughs in innovation don’t happen because wannabe entrepreneurs hookup with venture capitalists.  And they don’t happen because something has a hot IPO or ICO potential. (more&he...

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The Customer Prevention Department

Recently we looked at how creating unrealistic expectations kills business.  But how about something even more basic – customer service? (more…)...

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The Worst Marketing Sin

This blog post you are about to read is the single best one you will ever read.  Ever.  It’s that good.  (more…)...

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Disrupting Disruption

The Top 7 Disruptive Trends to Get in Front of for 2013 (more…)...

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