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The Extra Step to Create a Breakthrough

(Monday Mojo 5/01/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

The last two weeks we’ve talked about the role beliefs play in manifesting health, happiness, and prosperity. Let’s g...

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Killing Off the Old You

In the last post we discussed consciousness and mindfully choosing your path instead of simply following the one your environment had prepared for you.  The post seemed to touch many on a deep level,...

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What Prevents You from a Breakthrough

Last post we talked about changing other people.  This post let’s explore how other people can change you – or more specifically – prevent you from changing into the highest possible version of...

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The Inner Breakthrough

Allow me to share one of my favorite affirmations, and one I use frequently:
I break through self-limiting beliefs and open myself to possibilities.  (more…)...

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Going for a Breakthrough

So last post I told you that the reason many ultra-successful people reach a plateau, is because they’re afraid of the awesome strength of what they possess.  That sounded crazy to some of you.  B...

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The Breakthrough Truth

I was counseling with someone, working with him on an action plan for where he wants to go.  In the course of the exchange, we uncovered one of the most simple, but profoundly brilliant truths on bre...

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Two Guys Walk into the Astral Plane…

The other day I was traveling in the astral plane, in the cosmic soup of the space and time continuum, floating in the space between thoughts, when I ran into Epictetus.

Epictetus had just had luck...

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Take Control of Your Destiny

Allow me to confront you.  Metaphorically grab you by the collar and shake you so hard your teeth rattle.  And know I do this because I care about you… (more…)...

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