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Jumping to the Next Comfort Zone

If you asked me what separate the high level achievers from the average person I would say this: The achievers have no fear of getting out of their comfort zone.  Their fear is staying in one. (more...

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Breaking Through to Greatness

When Bob Dylan walked onstage at the Newport Folk Festival with an electric guitar, people thought the world was ending.  But of course it was simply the next evolution in music. (more…)...

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Getting Closer to Your Goal

You don’t have to finish writing your epic trilogy today.  You don’t have to lose 35 pounds today.  And you don’t even have to learn a new language today. (more…)...

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One Step Closer…

The world of personal growth and self-development sometimes seems to be eternally omphaloskeptic.  Everyone is special and enjoys the contemplation of their navel.  Instead of their goals.

There ...

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Sacrificing for Your Dreams

Everyone today seems to be looking for shortcuts, “hacks,” and other ways to achieve their goals or dreams with the minimum amount of effort.  And there’s certainly something to be said for doi...

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Setting Goals You Actually Achieve

We’ve had a great week of posts, looking at performance achievements, setting up learning agendas, and then how balance factors into the equation.  Now let’s tie that all together and see how you...

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Accessing Your Greatness

If you attempt greatness through seeking, you are vulnerable to interpretive understanding, the judgments of others, and their conditional approval.

No one can give you your greatness. (more&helli...

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So You Think You’re Busy

I'm busy!   Been in 12 counties in the last few weeks, and have a five country EU tour starting Monday.  Working on a new book proposal.  Outlining a new training program.  Just finished the play...

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