Great Reads for April

One of the great things about being a writer is that your other author friends often send you advance copies of their soon to be bestsellers.  And March was a great month for that, as four of my BFFs came out with fresh, delicious books.  If you’re ready for a break from Netflix and looking for some compelling reads, these are just what the doctor ordered. 

Risk Forward by Victoria Labalme

Victoria is a creative savant, and her book is the perfect demonstration of that.  It’s a fun, unique book that breaks the mold to get you thinking in courageous and adventurous new ways. If you’re stuck on something, need to develop a new creative project, or want to hone your lateral and creative thinking skills, you’ll love Risk Forward.  (Interview with Victoria here.) 

Mindset Reset: How to Retrain Your Brain and Transform Your Life by Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.

We all need a fresh start now and then. And the best restarts come from resetting your thinking. If you’re ready for a mindset reset to unleash your energy, creativity, and productivity — Lisa’s message is perfect for you and your teams.  It’s a great companion read to my Radical Rebirth book. We both want to take your thinking to a higher plane, but approach it in wildly dissimilar ways.  (Interview with Lisa here.)

Mujer a Prueba de Balas: Vive tu verdad y regresa a tu Ser by Paula Morelos Zaragoza

My mom raised three kids by herself, so I’m a little biased for superhero moms like her and Paula Zaragoza.  (Paula is also binging up three kids by herself; one of them with special needs.) Her new book roughly translated is Bulletproof Woman: Live your Truth and Find Your Self.  It’s only available in the Spanish edition right now.  If you speak Spanish or want a great gift for someone who does, grab a copy.

A Man at Arms by Steven Pressfield

This is one of Steve’s fiction books, and like his others, a riveting page turner.   It’s an epic saga, beautifully written, about a lone reluctant hero, standing up against the Roman Empire as they try to squash the spread of a new faith called Christianity.  Writers: read this for the writing clinic it contains. Readers: read this for the heart-pounding plot line. (Interview with Steven here.)


- RG

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