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Opportunities for Prosperity

Posted By: Randy GageJuly 1, 2022

(“Friday Filosophy” 7/01/2022)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

It’s time again for my weekly missive to you with the subject that I’m thinking about – and believe you might want to think about as well.  By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be in Oslo, Norway, immersed in conducting some workshops.  But most of this week’s postcard was written in the British Airways lounge in London, during the layover from hell.  Which had me thinking, about all the prosperity opportunities we have in front of us right now in this turbulent, crazy world…

A possible pilot strike forced me to change carriers at the last minute.  Airlines have slashed flights, planes are packed, and fares are jacked up. I ended up swapping my $9K ticket for one on BA that was just under $17K – with an 8-hour layover in London.  I booked it because:

  1. It was the only option to still get to my first event on time.
  2. The BA first class lounge offers showers, spa, sleeping loungers, and a full-service restaurant. The plan was to shower, catch a nap, eat something healthy and arrive in Oslo refreshed.

I landed only to discover that lounge no longer has any of those things.  There isn’t anyone working at the service counter any longer.  And it’s possible that the furniture may have been purchased from my deceased grandmother’s estate sale. Not the biggest sample size, but I’ve taken at least 20 flights on BA in my life.  Yet the last one I can remember ever leaving the gate on time was the Concorde, and that was 2003.  (My ongoing flight to Oslo was delayed four or five times, and I finally arrived at my hotel at 3 am, having to conduct an all-day  seminar in the morning.  The glamorous life of a professional speaker.)  To be fair, BA is certainly not alone in having a reputation of logistic incompetence and ineptness.  The vast majority of carriers today qualify as flying slums.  But what a prosperity opportunity there is to disrupt and remake the airline industry.

The new Heathrow has always been a terrible user experience to transfer planes. But this time the lines were so long that a helpful employee suggested that I simply exit via customs and reenter the airport from the street.  Doing that saved me an hour – which still meant it took two and a half hours to clear security – and that was with first class concierge service and the “Fast Track” line.  No idea how many people missed their connections that day, but it must have been in the thousands.  And once again, we can’t just single out Heathrow.  You have to wonder if the people who design and manage airports have ever used one as a passenger. What an incredible prosperity opportunity there is to disrupt the airport experience.

I recently received an email pitch from “the official pest control provider of the San Diego Padres.”  Seriously?  How can my favorite sports team think that my loyalty to them can be whored out in this way?  Digital advertising has certainly disrupted the ad space, but how many of us believe it’s been in a positive way? GaryVee once said marketers fuck up everything.  And if you don’t believe him, he just proved it by launching Accountable Anteater Gummies/NFTs.  (Love you dude, but you’re fucking kidding me, right?) There are amazing prosperity opportunities available in that industry.

There isn’t a single cryptocurrency actually working as a currency yet.  There are now hundreds of worthless shitcoins being promoted by Ponzi and pyramid schemes.  In my mind, somewhere between 99.7 and 100 percent of the NFTs being offered today will wind up being worthless.  They’re essentially a stupid tax on day traders.  But once again, the prosperity potential of what NFT technology could offer us is breathtaking.

The advances we’ve made in nutrition, wellness, and longevity are spectacular.  Yet we’ve become the most overfed but malnourished society in human history.  The reason Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips taste better than carrots is because they are genetically engineered to.  When is someone going to reinvent food so that the things that provide nutrients, give us energy, and keep us alive –  taste better than the options that leech nutrients, give us diseases, and kill us?

In 2021 I thought the hidden benefit of the Covid-19 pandemic was forcing the world to innovate in many areas, with advances in e-commerce, live streaming, and remote work.  Lately it just seems like Covid is the “go to” excuse for businesses to slash expectations, service, and payroll.  Now in 2022 when you try to order in a drive through, buy a car, find a clean bathroom, get something fixed, or schedule an appointment for anything – it feels like we’re sliding backward, not forward.

We can do better.  But we’re not going to do better waiting for government programs, resolutions, or bailouts.  We need entrepreneurs, visionaries, and dreamers now more than ever. It’s time to stop using Covid, the economy, and other problems as excuses to do less, but as catalysts to do better.  The prosperity opportunities available to us right now are breathtaking.  It’s time to create the next generation of disruption, innovation, and breakthroughs.  You up for that?

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- RG

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