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Give Yourself an Energy Audit

Posted By: Randy GageMarch 23, 2023

(Friday Filosophy 3/24/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Friday Filosophy, the weekly postcard where I challenge you to think about what you think about.  Today this is coming to you from the worldwide corporate headquarters, a.k.a. my little island in Biscayne Bay and I’d like to suggest you think about energy.

More specifically, conducting a thought experiment that we will label an Energy Audit.  We know that everything in the universe at its ultimate level is energy vibrations.  Energy has a monumental, vital, and determining role in the level of prosperity you manifest in your life.  So let’s conduct an audit…

    • Review all the liquids you drank yesterday. If we put them all together, did they provide you with more energy, suck energy from your body, or add short-term energy followed by a crash?
    • Evaluate all the food you consumed yesterday. Did it add to your energy or deplete it?
    • Consider your entertainment or diversion diet yesterday: any TV, podcasts, movies, books, social media, etc. As a whole, did it provide you with positive or negative mental energy?
    • Assess what you do for your average workweek. Assign all the regular projects you perform a positive or negative rating, (no neutral).  Does that typical work schedule energize or deplete you?
    • Inventory your sleep habits: when you go to bed, devices or no devices, temperature and light in the room, and your pre-sleep routine. Do these habits cause you to wake up energized to rip off the covers and jump into your day, or groggy and desperate to hit the snooze button?
    • Finally, take an inventory of the 4-6 people you spend the most time with, the people you allow to speak into your life. Are they soul-sucking energy vampires, or positive empowering people who challenge you to become the highest possible version of yourself?

So how are you doing on this?  😬😬😬  Don’t forget, when you need to recharge the positive energy in your account, go to Prosperity TV, or listen to some episodes on the Power Prosperity Podcast.

And speaking of those two resources, here's the new show I promised you on creating a vision for your prosperity.





Have a great weekend and use it to restock your energy inventory.


- RG

P.S. Just for you guys in the sales and direct selling biz:  I started an extraordinary new project recently – “Chopping It Up with…” – a series of long-form dialogues with the most brilliant people in the field.  These are R-rated, insider conversations for thinking people about the issues you won’t hear discussed anywhere else. Success routines, psychology of success, best practices, leadership landmines, sex, politics, and religion – nothing is off limits.  The series has quickly become considered a Ph.D. program in empowering leadership.  There’s a new show every Wednesday so I suggest you subscribe to the channel.  Here’s a complete playlist of the episodes thus far.

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