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Best Holidays Gifts

Posted By: Randy GageDecember 11, 2012

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah, or you’re simply a Mayan looking for a great gift before the world ends, here are my suggestions for the coolest holiday gifts for people with prosperity consciousness.

Stocking Stuffer for all Critical Thinkers:

Risky Is the New Safe

Slip this book in the stocking of all the entrepreneurs, high school and college grads on your list.


For Kids 8 and Up

Prosperity Manifestation Map Kit

It’s never too early to start developing prosperity consciousness in young minds.  This kit has everything they need to build a dream board.


For Teenagers:

Wealth Quest for Teens

The way to save the world tomorrow is to raise the prosperity consciousness of teens today.  This video seminar and workbook created especially for teenagers is great for that.


For People on the Self-Development Path:

Power Prosperity Program

This really is the coolest gift you can ever give someone of consciousness.  But don’t waste it on someone you’re trying to “fix” or save.  It only works for people who are open to the message and willing to change their thinking for creating wealth.

By the way, this is also a great gift for yourself, if you don’t already have it.  Every year when I do my Christmas shopping I ALWAYS get myself something nice.  The greatest prosperity lesson you can ever learn is the ability to receive a gift.  And even more so, to be able to gift yourself.


For Your Spouse (But only if you really love them!):

The Midas Mentality

This is actually a 30-day program with four DVDs (to watch at the beginning and end of the training), and 30 audio CDs with a follow along Study Guide.  You must do the work every day for a month, to actually change the way you think.  This is the secret for developing a true multi-millionaire mindset.  For best results, do it together as a couple to keep each other on track.

I'm grateful to have attracted such a wonderful community of people of consciousness, and wishing you and yous a holiday season that is magical!


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  • 4 comments on “Best Holidays Gifts”

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