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Become a Patron for Prosperity

Posted By: Randy GageDecember 17, 2018

You’ve probably heard me say (a lot) that prosperity is created by two actions: solving problems and adding value.  So most people think of that in the realm of entrepreneurship and business.  Instacart is a perfect example what that looks like most of the time:

People are busy with no time to shop.  Instacart creates a mobile app for home delivery.  It solves a problem and adds value, so the app takes off, and next thing you know, they're worth about $7 billion.  Great.  But there is a different twist you can take on prosperity… 

Becoming a patron.

You become a patron not to become a billionaire, but to support someone or something – like an artist or the arts – simply for the prosperous feeling it gives you, and the prosperity it brings into the world.

When you studied history in school, you probably learned about how popes, kings, and other wealthy individuals supported artists such as musician, sculptors, and painters.  If not for patrons, we wouldn’t have the beauty of Michelangelo, perhaps any renaissance art, or the work of countless other earth-changing artists.

Of course many of these wealthy patrons did so because of the power, prestige and recognition it brought them.  But some patrons are patrons simply because they feel blessed and they decide to practice the prosperity law of giving.  Giving without looking for reciprocation, which ironically may offer the greatest reciprocation.

Now maybe you’re not a pope, queen, or tech billionaire, and you’re wondering how all this applies to you...

Oh but does it ever.  Because as I relate in the latest podcast, there is no way to prosperity – prosperity is the way.  You may not have the resources to house, feed and sponsor the next Michelangelo.  But I bet you could make a meaningful difference to someone in a way that creates more prosperity to the world, and brings more prosperity to your own life.

Maybe you help sponsor a developing opera singer.  You could buy the new album from the Filharmonic.  Or support an aspiring teen filmmaker.

Sometimes the greatest gift you could give an aspiring singer or artist is simply to take them to Nordstrom’s and let them buy a gown or suit for wearing to auditions.  Or buying plane tickets or hotel rooms for a group to compete in a dance competition.  It could be simply dropping some serious folding money in the case of a street performer.

Becoming a patron in this way won’t get you listed in any program, no one else may ever know of it, and they won’t name a building after you.  And you won’t care.  Because you will live, move and have your being – in authentic prosperity.

- RG

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  • One comment on “Become a Patron for Prosperity”

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