What If...

What if J.K. Rowling had chucked Harry Potter into the trash after those first 12 publishers rejected it?

What if Prince called off that Super Bowl halftime show because it was raining?

What if Led Zeppelin gave up on “Stairway to Heaven” because they got stuck on the chords?

What if the Wright Brothers never attempted those flights at Kitty Hawk because they believed everyone who thought they were crazy?

What if Kim Ng gave up on her dream of being a GM because baseball is so sexist?

What if Elon Musk would have given up when he was down to having two weeks payroll left?

What if Nelson Mandela had chosen hatred instead of love?

No one could justifiably blame any of the people above had they made a different choice.  And you could easily make the argument in each case that the other choice was more sensible.  But no one ever did anything great being sensible.  Now fast forward to the year 2035:

What if you…


- RG

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